Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gantt Chart in Excel - plot your calender activities

We can create basic Gantt chart in Excel using simple trick. We need task column, start and end date for particular task and duration can be simply subtracting B column from D column.

Now select Tasks and Start column and add stacked bar. You can use 3D type bars.

The add the duration series, by add data function:

Now need to change the order of the task (just want to reverse the order so that first task planning is at the top). We also need to get rid of base (blue bar).

Now you might want to scale the axis, just to joom the portion of calender where activities are. We can format to date to different format, if you like to:

We can quickly change to 3D bar too, by just converting the chart. Now we can edit the color, patterns, grid lines etc.

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