Tuesday, April 2, 2013

3D-histogram in Excel

Histogram can be both 2D and 3D. By 3D I do not mean 3D bars rather threre are two variables (X and Y and frequency is plotted in Z axis).

After  preparing data category (see the article), we can create a 3D histogram. So we need a two way frequency count table  like this:

The insert 3D column chart. We can then modify this remove gaps (looks like a block).

We can creat columns with different shape( may be just for fun !).

We can change the type to 3D- wire frame plot.


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  2. Hi. Great chart. I would like to add two dimensions, i.e. the width of the column could be one and the colour of it could be another (i.e. shades from yellow to green). Is that possible?

  3. A 3D Warehouse Heat Map in MS Excel (by Adrián Chiogna).