Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Working in RExcel in MS Excel 2007

In earlier blog we discussed about installing R Excel in MS Excel 2003. The process of intallation is basically same and working procedures are similar. We will discuss some basic differences and use examples to create graphs.

One of the difference is RExcel will appear under Add-Ins menu along with other Ass-Ins in your excel. Now click the drop down menu and click run R. It will start R in background. In the drop down menu select Rcommandar then.

Now you can see the RExcel menu integrated in Add-Ins.

Now let's have a data to plot. Here is small dataset. Select the data and right click and click put R dataframe as we did in previous case, give the name in "dataframe name in R" box and then OK.

Now you can see the dataset name in dataset box. Unlike excel you do not need select series, rather you need select variables in box. Let's try to create histogram for Y variable. Under graphs menu select histogram. Please note that R commander window has scripts you are running, you can modify the code and run (if you know R language).

Now we have additional R graph window with histogram on it. [ note: You did not like the default color just change col = "darkgray" to col = "green4" for example and click submit in R commander window. ]

Let's now plot different type of plot,  scatter plot, select - scatter plot from R graphics menu.

Sometime you want just simply plot a distribution - under distributions, click normal distributions. it will plot a normal distribution curve as you requested:

The following is F distribtion with 3,10 numerator and denumerate degrees of freedom.

 You can save your plots to different format - Click file menu in R graphics device, then save as and then choose the file format (eg. JPEG, TIFF, meta etc) and save the file

There can be much more done - when it comes it to graphics in R or RExcel. Hope it will get you started. Happy plotting !!

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